Dr. Marilyn Volker Returns For a Visit

Episode Notes Sexologist Dr. Marilyn Volker has been a guest on many of my podcasts over the many years we’ve known each other. If you know Marilyn, you know she is a true advocate of all types of people and relationships. She is all-inclusive, a big picture person who believes in possibility! We talk about … Read more

Deanna Quietwater Noriega: Author, Remarkable Woman, Great Grandmother …!

Episode Notes There are those people who cross our path and we know they are unforgettable! They live their lives and yet they are extraordinary! Deanna is one of these people. Author of two books: "Fifty Years Of Walking With Friends," (A memoir), and "Dogwood Blossom" (Her just-released children’s book.) https://www.dldbooks.com/dqnoriega/ What was it like … Read more

The Power Of Energy Doing Its Work

Episode Notes It was amazing! Or was it? It’s the way it’s supposed to be, when working with energy allows healing to happen! In this case, I used EFT and Ho’ponopono. I see this so often work with physical situations. I gained instant relief and speeded up the healing process probably by three days! This … Read more

Lyn Lindburgh! Returning Guest With News

Episode Notes Lyn is on it! She is making it happen! User friendly movement, (some call it exercise), and win-win weight management! Lyn has helped herself and is continuing to help many others to feel good! Feel better and move with freedom, embracing wellness! Lyn knows what it is to not feel well, and to … Read more

All Of Us Together: Creating A Better World

Episode Notes It’s always good to talk with Audri and Karen. They are hugely dedicated with doing all they can in creating a better world. They live and do what they do On Purpose! It is clear from their projects and in all that they do and share both personally and professionally. Find their websites: … Read more

Harvest Hunter: Jack Of All Trades

Show Notes I first met Harvest as an acupuncturist. Though I got great healthcare, from his voluminous wisdom in Chinese medicine, our time together has always been highly punctuated with laughter and great conversation. This episode is no exception. Harvest is direct, sharing his thoughts from vast experience and deep reflection. After a far-ranging continuum … Read more

“Something Deeper” With Thomas Hudson, M.D.

Episode Notes I’ve known Tom for over ten years. We’ve enjoyed many personal and spiritual conversations and he’s been with me in prior podcast feeds. Having worked in the world as a radiologist, he’s been well equipped to describe the images of mammograms. In his first book, "Journey To Hope", he shared holistically and of … Read more

Audri Scott Williams and Karen Hunter Watson

Episode Notes It was great to catch up with Audri once again. Later in the episode, Karen joined in the conversation. We discussed many topics related to spiritual well-being, finding inner and collective balance in our rapidly changing and often confusing world. Audri brings a refreshing global and inclusive perspective to her work and life. … Read more

Thought For Starting The Day

Episode Notes A few words of inspiration. I wake up cheerful. How about you? I wake up ready! I dress to be READY for the day. The word Serendipity. Do you know what it means? Are you ready for unexpected good to drop into your life? Do you think you need to be totally willing? … Read more