About Me

Introduction and Background
My Mission: To see and help others see in new ways! To inspire! To live on purpose with passion! And so it is!
Inspiritional Speaker, Spiritual Leader, Author, (individual and groups)…It’s all about Spirit! Holistic Personal growth, It’s an Inside Job!
Hi there, welcome!I’m Debbie Hazelton.
I’ve been around awhile, about the business of personal growth, and spirituality as we all strive to learn, survive, thrive, in this game we call life!
Growing up blind since birth, I spent the first half of my life figuring it out and now in the second half, while still learning, it’s all about being the inspiration I came to be in this life!
For those who like credentials: I have a BA. and MA in psych, an Ed.S in counselor Ed.
Ordained minister, Reiki Master, trained in various holistic modalities including BodyTalk I II., Bach Flowers I.
I am the author of “The Courage To See (A book of daily affirmation, reflections and meditations), (Health Communications, 1990), and “Solving the Self-esteem Puzzle” (A Guide For Moving From Piece to Peace) (Health Communications, 1991)
Find out what others say about my work!
Individuals who work with me report feeling validated, heard, understood and appreciative of “Can-Do” strategies for moving forward in positive change.
Insight, empathy, energy work are just a few of the ways in which I respond to what’s presented by clients.
Many groups report memorable, attention-holding experience. I bring a dynamic big-picture approach: insight, candor, humor and inspiration woven into a mix of mind/body knowledge toward can-do personal/professional solutions.