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My Mission: To receive and share the rightness already within us! To strengthen the “Elasticity of Spirit” of which we are made! I live on purpose with passion! Inspirational speaker, holistic practitioner. Reach out to me if you want a win-win way of perceiving the rightness already within you! I thrive on bringing a different way of viewing almost everything! 😉 You may find that you just cannot lose. 😉 (Unless, of course, you choose to for now. ( Always within the rights and rightness of each of us.)

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The Good Energy Mix (GEM) began back in 2007. It’s an upbeat, sometimes hilarious show with music that often has a message to inspire. On Monday and Friday at 11:00 AM Eastern you can listen to The Good Energy Mix on The Grid FM. The Good Energy Mix on WQNA DB.
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I love sharing my gifts, (“Good I Find To Share”) Keeping our gifts, our good in circulation helps all of us on so many levels. If you want my inspiration to grow, have felt your elasticity of spirit/Spirit stretch and strengthen through what you find here, feel free to (make a Love Offering/donation! ).
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