Audri Scott Williams and Karen Hunter Watson

Episode Notes

It was great to catch up with Audri once again. Later in the episode, Karen joined in the conversation.

We discussed many topics related to spiritual well-being, finding inner and collective balance in our rapidly changing and often confusing world.
Audri brings a refreshing global and inclusive perspective to her work and life. She is embarking on a new project called Redemption Voyage 2026.  Check out her foundation: 20 Million Women Strong

Audri will be speaking at the Spiritual Enrichment Center of Dothan sometime in September, as well as at Unity in Fort Walton Beach Fl.

Find much more about Audri and her accomplishments:

Before we concluded, we heard from Audri’s partner, Karen Hunter Watson. Karen shares her thoughts on this time we’re in, the importance of sharing our gifts.

She talks about her passion and talent with her music, songs she writes and sings, what these songs have done for her in her own healing journey and what she hopes they’ll do for you. Karen will be speaking at the Spiritual Enrichment Center later this month.

Find Karen’s CD, called "Timeless" where you can purchase the album or songs as separate downloads:
Visit Karen’s site:

Many thanks for these two women sharing their dedication to bringing peace and greater understanding to our world!

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