A Long Overdue Chat With Jonathan Mosen

Episode Notes One of the first main people to influence me many years ago in podcasting, streaming, broadcasting and audio editing is, and was, a longtime dear friend: Jonathan Mosen. We haven’t always agreed. What two friends ever do always agree? Over the years we’ve had tons of fun! I have so many memories! After … Read more

The Magic Of Playfulness!!!

Episode Notes How much better is your day? How much better do you feel? How much does it add to add and allow playfulness into your day? Playfulness! It tickles my insides! And what if it makes it easier to let so much waste, so many, ahem, mistakes, or things people call mistakes, let them … Read more

Couch To Active with Lyn Lindbergh .

What a refreshing spin Lyn and her team bring to exercise! It’s not the old “no pain, no gain,” or, “if you’re not sore the next day, you didn’t do enough.” It’s fun! There’s flexibility to work out rigorously while getting needed rest, listening to one’s own rhythm. Many of us take in more than … Read more

Access-Ability With Touch –

Many of you know my long-time colleague and friend, Dr. Marilyn Volker. We’ve presented together at conferences and been on many shows. Today we discuss: The Five Kinds Of Touch: Observational, Playful, Physical, Sensuous, Sexual For Enhancing relationships: The Four Ts: Talk, Touch, Time Trust And, The Eight Types Of Intimacy Emotional Physical, Aesthetic, Playful, … Read more

Let’s Get Real About Touch!

Episode Notes After such an emphasis on social distance, or, in light of our fast-paced society, it’s time for more safe places and ways to talk about touch. I share some of my thoughts, and invite you to to open and touch with full hands and heart! To listen with open ears, and open to … Read more

“The Universal Voice

After a brief greeting — It’s a replay of a talk I gave at the Spiritual Enrichment Center of Dothan on January 8. This spiritual Center, (SEC) is a New Thought, Metaphysical center combining the approaches of Unity and Centers For Spiritual Living. As a frequent guest speaker, I weave my own insights and reflections … Read more

S1E1 – Introducing Myself and “This Time Around” Podcast

A podcaster since 2005, a radio featurest since 1988, and a on-air producer and creator of “The Good Energy Mix” and “In The Quiet” (both music shows) – it’s time to reintroduce myself to a larger audience. An author, keynote speaker, private consultant and interviewer, you can expect creative insights, outlandish fun, reflective optimism from … Read more