Intuition And Wisdom

We switched roles this time. I was a guest on my friend Dr. Akyiaa Azula’s podcast. We talked a lot about intuition. While this was about my journey, people often ask: "How do you know when it’s really intuition? How can you trust?" We also talked about some strategies to help with communication. I shared … Read more


Episode Notes Akyiaa Azula is back!!! And this time, she’s talking about her new course that’s about to start! It’s Part One on Creation, Money And Purpose! We talk about Akyiaa’s journey to a place of freedom to claim her rightful place and her determined nature to help you do the same! Oh we had … Read more

Speaking My Word – Lots Of Energy! – Take Care Of You!

Episode Notes Between eclipses! Mercury Retrograde! Whether you believe there’s validity to astrology or not, it is what it is! Can you feel the energy? How are you feeling and dealing with all that is happening in your world? I intended this one to be short and quiet. It turned out to be longer as … Read more

Speaking My Word: The A I I Trust And More

Episode Notes It’s another one of those mornings where, sitting in my recliner, I shared some things I’m thinking about. Instead of focusing on what is, I spoke of the Allness Beyond the Isness. What about all of the allness that resides behind what is? And how about the wonderment that is there to inspire … Read more

Speaking My Word: Balancing Response-Ability With Surprise And More

Episode Notes I woke knowing I had lots to say to you today! Are all beliefs ok? Are there healthy boundaries? Balancing a positive stance with the need for advocacy. Lots about giving and receiving, spontaneity and the surprise of expression and experience. Support This Time Around by contributing to their tip jar:

Audri Scott Williams: Holding Space For Community Of All Voices

Episode Notes Director of the Dothan Spiritual Enrichment Center Audri is dedicated to living a vision she was born to emulate in this world, that everyone deserves a voice, fair and equal opportunities, and that there is one spiritual presence and it is good. As the Spiritual Enrichment Center director Audri holds space for this … Read more

A Few Updates And Some Passionate Thoughts

Episode Notes Some background re my shows. A return of “In The Quiet” and “The Good Energy Mix”, now on the platform of MixCloud. I’m finally recording in Reaper! And then some thoughts, reframing of beliefs and language, on why we’re here: To have fun, play, discover! Not to suffer, struggle and work, work work! … Read more

Akyiaa Azula: Creation for Manifesting Miracles

Episode Notes Candid, funny, intuitive, talented, skillful! Akyiaa has and brings it all! If you want to feel better, want to bring your gifts to this world… You’re in the right place! Dr. Akyiaa Azula, acupuncturest, my teacher and friend, a personal healer of mine, and one of the most fun people I know on … Read more