Speaking My Word! – Law Of Attraction How You Can Feel Better!!!

Episode Notes

Why is it Law Of Attraction “seems” to work for some people and not for others? Does it really “not” work? A good question might be, what gets in the way of us getting what we want? What can we do to get better results? I believe the Law Of Attraction always works! If we’re saying one thing and thinking or feeling another, we get all that we get based on the vibration we’re putting out. I aspire to the works of Esther Hick-Abraham! So what else can help?

I bring fresh perspective to forgiveness, self and other, self love, self acceptance. Many people wrestle with these issues for years. But what about raising the frequency? Based on the book “Power Versus Force” by Dr. David R. Hawkins, I have gained so much using Focused Life Force Energy https://flfe.net I can say enough of how it has helped me get rid of and move beyond some old stuff, feeling so much better! You can try it out for free!

And then there’s lots of energy work out there, EFT, Reiki and so much more! What’s important is to get the old stuff out of the body and out of the energy field. This allowed the frequency to change. It’s hard to receive on a pile of low self worth, resentment, etc. Raise the frequency and you might feel a whole lot better!

Want to work with me? Contact me: iam at debbiehazelton.com

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