Speaking My Word: How, And To What or Whom, Are You Paying Attention? And More

Episode Notes

I decided to be quite spontaneous this morning and to sit in my recliner, using the app “Just Press Record” and share what I was getting. With all of the discussion around money, most people feeling like there isn’t enough of it, I brought of the idea of paying attention, putting forth questions around this and other aspects of how we spend and invest.

And then I told you about my cat Chippies, and what he most often wants, and suggested he’s on to something about what most of us might be wanting mmuch of the time.

In the grand circle of life, of us all together, I asked about ways we might have different perspectives depending on where we are in the circle, what we’re facing etc., and if there can be greater flexibility in considering and allowing various beliefs and points of view.

Sharing in this easy manner was quite enjoyable. You may hear more from me like this.

More soon!

Debbie Hazelton

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