“Something Deeper” With Thomas Hudson, M.D.

Episode Notes

I’ve known Tom for over ten years. We’ve enjoyed many personal and spiritual conversations and he’s been with me in prior podcast feeds.

Having worked in the world as a radiologist, he’s been well equipped to describe the images of mammograms. In his first book, "Journey To Hope", he shared holistically and of the research that has been gradually building, giving insight, can-do information to help prevent and navigate dealing with breast cancer.

Having written personally since childhood, in "Something Deeper" Tom is sharing with us his personal journey with his descriptions and interpretations of how to navigate through this thing we call life. The book is touching. Tom is not afraid to share his emotions, and encourages us all to know that it’s ok to feel and share deeply. The book launches November 7 and is available on Tom’s website now: https://thomashudsonmd.com Beginning November 7, it will be available through the many avenues for purchasing books. It will make a wonderful gift, and provide hope, comfort, guidance and ideas for anyone who wants some extra wisdom in life. Want some touching stories with hope and a life line for resolution? I highly recommend!

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