Wait, and Trust

It’s the message I’m getting this afternoon. Even right now, this is the second round of writing this. The first one got lost!

So I’m doing laundry in our newest washing machine, a front-loader type. I have friends who have them. Have lived with friends who have them. Was warned that it takes a much longer time for the clothes to get done… Wow! These clothes will be the cleanest ever!

I was just in the laundry room, thinking they would be about done. They’re still not done. 🤣 Suddenly the washer went silent. “Are they done?” The door wouldn’t open. A few minutes later I heard the motor. I’m being shown I can’t rush this, or really anything. Some moments went by, silence. “Are they done?” No. And I got the message.

“Trust And Wait!”

I thought of the places where I’ve been applying for work, their silence. As with many things, the best one will mean all the others weren’t right.

I thought of a dear friend who has gone quiet. I miss him. And when I try to communicate, he’s as definite about that washer door not opening, closed, and locked, until he’s ready.

Everything has its time and cycles. In fact, that washer is really quiet now. I think it’s actually ready. 🙂 No, it wasn’t.

They took over 2 hours, and came out too web. Oy! And then we couldn’t leave to go to the store because my friend Des had a client she was needing to pick up and they weren’t ready. And then I called in an order for Chinese food and we had to wait for it to be ready once we got there to pick it up. We had to go pick up a birthday cake and some other things at the store… Delays! It was nuts!

It’s a great life, but, and, it’s a crazy world, especially right now. Traipsing forward insensitively with my old typical determination isn’t good, perhaps right now especially. Willfulness certainly was a part of my being in the world for much of my life. In fact, coming into this world 3 months early, I was given one in a thousand chances to live 12 hours. I think someone’s will won. 😉 Perhaps it was a demonstration of trusting and waiting.

From my perspective, no one and not much really needs pushing, at least, not by me and not right now. I believe Spirit, the great Source, essence is gentle, kind and patient. We all, with our differences, differing points of view, ranges of experience, need to take our time, to listen to ourselves. There’s plenty of other noise out there. Plenty of advice that might be good for the person giving it. There’s so much of humanity that needs to heal. I think collectively and individually, we’ve been living in more circumstances that are unhealthy. That’s for another topic another day. Meanwhile, trusting and waiting might well be a couple of the ingredients that, as we include them, we’ll find or continue to experience grace and goodness beyond our current imaginations.

To quote a line I recently came across, wishing you
Best Blessings!
With love,
(Or should I post as WuWu Wacky Witch Hazel?