Little Reminders From My Dog

I was out with my dog the other day, wanting him to go to the bathroom. At first, he was distracted, noticing the people across the street, just not on task. I suddenly remembered to do this differently and so said “Good boy!” It got his attention, voila! It’s been interesting to watch dog training evolve over the years to a place of praise or reward begets the wanted behavior. Animals I grew up with as well as earlier days with guide dogs, training was much more about stern command. Today, it’s far more based on a good relationship of mutual kindness.

When my dog responded so positively, I thought about how similar communication is with The Universe, with Spirit, Source, with anything I’m really wanting. Speaking silently or out loud with this presence in a positive tone is much more likely going to bring positive results. Saying “thank you” in advance is what we are taught in Metaphysical New Thought. It’s the Law Of Attraction. If someone approaches you kindly and another approaches you with meanness, where will your energy naturally go? Will you want to respond to the kindness or the meanness? This was such a beautiful example of this law at work. I praised before I got the result and it worked instantly.

And then, when he finished, I unhooked his Relieving Belt and was holding the bag with what he’d done. I chuckled to think about often we say that things that are negative are shit or crap etc. And yet, when we plant a garden and want fertilizer, that waste is not bad, it’s good. And even that day as I was holding the bag, I was glad he’d done this healthy deed, that I had it, ready to get rid of. It wasn’t a chore, an inconvenience, a hassle. In fact, I used to let my dogs out. Now, for a variety of reasons, I take him out instead. It’s good for both of us. Keeps me moving around, gives us time together, and he reminds me of thoughts that make a difference, something else to write about.