Couch To Active with Lyn Lindbergh .

What a refreshing spin Lyn and her team bring to exercise! It’s not the old “no pain, no gain,” or, “if you’re not sore the next day, you didn’t do enough.” It’s fun! There’s flexibility to work out rigorously while getting needed rest, listening to one’s own rhythm. Many of us take in more than one class per day!

Lyn shares her story, how she built this amazing virtual, accessible way of getting and staying healthy. Her growing team of instructors along with podcast and 6x award-winning book are making a difference in the world of fitness for many!

I chose to bring this show at this time to follow the shows on touch. It’s a reminder that your body belongs to you! It deserves your kindness and care along with the right touch.

Couch To Active

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