Access-Ability With Touch –

Many of you know my long-time colleague and friend, Dr. Marilyn Volker. We’ve presented together at conferences and been on many shows. Today we discuss:
The Five Kinds Of Touch:

  • Observational,
  • Playful,
  • Physical,
  • Sensuous,
  • Sexual

For Enhancing relationships:
The Four Ts:

  • Talk,
  • Touch,
  • Time
  • Trust

And, The Eight Types Of Intimacy

  • Emotional
  • Physical,
  • Aesthetic,
  • Playful,
  • Sensuous,
  • Sexual,
  • Intellectual,
  • Spiritual

Dr. Volker has helped many individuals and couples find there way to greater peace and freedom. To contact Marilyn for private sessions, consultation, group or public presentations, write her:

Thank you for listening. Remember to listen to yourself, respecting what you want and need as well as the boundaries, needs and wants of others. Kindness works. 🙂

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